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Welcome to St Aloysius Catholic School. In partnership with the Parish Priest, Parents and other members of the community, our school provides students, as they grow and develop, with a high quality education that equips them with the spiritual foundations, knowledge, skills and attributes that they need to participate in and contribute to society.

At St Aloysius we place much emphasis on Wellbeing within a framework of Positive Psychology in Education which goes far beyond our traditional Pastoral Care model.  We strongly believe that the future of our students depends upon what we do today. 

At St Aloysius Primary School our focus on sustainability recognises the interconnectedness and interdependence of life on our planet, and acknowledges that we are responsible for each other and the earth, our common home. As the Catholic school in the Borough, we understand that living and working in our environment develops in us, an obligation to act in a way that ensures future generations can live sustainably on our planet Earth.

Set between Swan Bay and Port Phillip Heads St Aloysius is situated in a pristine natural environment that allows for seamless interaction and excursions with a unique environmental focus. Outdoor Learning is an integral part of our teaching and learning program, given our spectacular location and a significant focus has been placed on science and environmental science with a goal of instilling in our students a deep understanding of how our world works and to build upon their natural dispositions of inquiry. 

The quality of teaching and learning at St Aloysius meets the highest standards set by Government and Catholic authorities. The school actively sets and regularly reviews its goals for supporting student learning. Although ours is a regional parish primary school we meet our responsibility to prepare young people for their future in a global society. This requires us to adopt new technologies and new teaching techniques within a rapidly changing environment to ensure that our students are well prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century. We aim to give all students the ability to use information and communication technologies appropriately and with discernment. We help them to develop creative and critical thinking skills and to acquire the ability to work both cooperatively and independently. Within the context of the things that we value as a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, we encourage each student to develop the attributes of a lifelong learner.

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