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Physical and Health Education at St Aloysius

St Aloysius students work through a Health curriculum that enables them to discover and discuss physical and mental health wellbeing attributes. An inquiry based approach is used to immerse the students from Prep through to Year 6 in activities about nutrition, exercise, sleep, digital health, respectful relationships and community health. Mindfulness is a huge part of personal health at St Aloysius and all students participate in activities that help them to be present, quieten their minds and engage with each other in a deep and respectful way.
Our students are immersed in a Physical Education program that targets fundamental skill development such as throwing, catching, running and jumping. The students build on these skills as they progress through the school and minor and major games are used to develop and enhance these skills. Students in the senior school take part in a Sport Education unit that enables them to help facilitate the running of a sporting program and to understand all the roles involved: coach, umpire, trainer, team manager etc. An athletics program followed by a whole school carnival is held annually. Students also participate in an intensive swimming program in Term 4.
The students from Years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to compete in inter school competitions such as basketball, netball, cricket, AFL football, soccer, athletics and swimming. Our extensive Outdoor Education program allows students to take part in snorkeling, kayaking, Sport Life Saving activities and camps.


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