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Vision Statement

The Staff recognises the right of each child to a complete education and therefore the curriculum of our school needs to foster the total development of each child:

  • Spiritually

  • Academically

  • Aesthetically

  • Emotionally

  • Socially

  • Culturally and

  • Physically

As members of St Aloysius School Staff we strive to be a faith-filled, dynamic community who proclaim the mission of Jesus. We believe it is essential that we aim to promote the self-esteem of others and that we assist children to feel positive about the future.

Our school works within the Parish of Holy Trinity to develop a mutual awareness of what it means to be a member of a Catholic Community.  To make this work we need cooperation between the school staff/students, families and members of our Parish.


To develop in children an awareness and appreciation of the environment in which they live and respect for it as part of God’s creation.

To develop an appreciation of education as a lifelong process that enables individuals to adapt in a rapidly changing technological society.

That through education one develops an understanding of self, others, our society and the world in which we live.

To assist students to develop skills, attitudes, values and actions which will support them in becoming valued effective members of our society.

To cultivate an environment where children, parents and staff grow together in a Catholic community.  To have time for reflection so the Spirit of God can be seen in action.

To endeavour to show each child that they are special and individually loved for whom they are.

To foster a spirit of acceptance, appreciation, sharing and friendly cooperation with all others in our school community.  Our school needs to be a happy place where people respect and support each other.

To facilitate the professional development of staff, who can then use these new ideas for the benefit of our children?  To facilitate a relationship between staff/parents so that parents too can understand the changes that are taking place in the education process.

To provide a variety of experiences that encourage children to participate to the maximum of their abilities.

To build and expand the experience of our children so that each comes to a fuller realisation of belonging to a faith and wider community.

Quality Teaching and Learning Statement
At Saint Aloysius Catholic Primary School we aim to:

  • provide an effective learning environment where educational opportunities positively address the individual needs of all children

  • enhance self esteem through our appreciation of cultural background, gender equality and recognition of the talents of all children

  • cater for children’s different learning styles

  • encourage risk taking, responsibility and independence

  • foster a nurturing atmosphere in which staff, parents and children work as a team to develop in the children the skills to meet life’s challenges with confidence, resilience and enthusiasm

Updated : 2024
Review: 2024

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