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Throughout their primary school years our students are immersed in learning and teaching that works towards deepening their understanding of the world around them. Students from years Prep to 6 are engaged in science and environmental education through regular, dedicated science lessons as well as within the context of investigative inquiries. Our students are encouraged to explore and make meaning of the world around them through experimentation, research, the collection of data and by developing skills of observation. Their conceptual development is deepened by linking science with technology, sustainability, mathematics and engineering. (STEM).  Extension programmes such as Robotics, Formula 1 Fast Cars, Marine Science and Zoos Victoria projects are integrated so that genuine community links to partner organisations are sustained.

Throughout their primary school years our students are immersed in programmes where they can appreciate their natural environment. The sand dune restoration programme and restoration of native flora at King Street Reserve align Parks Victoria and local school based sustainability programmes, highlighting the importance of sustaining our local environment for future generations. St Aloysius is also involved in programmes such as Kids Teaching Kids which promotes individual and small group scientific investigations into our environment as well as making strong connections with local schools and community groups.

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