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Developed from research and educational understandings of how children learn our students develop deep knowledge speaking to specific audiences; listening to understand, reading for enjoyment as well as for knowledge, spelling to articulate their thoughts in their writing for different purposes and audiences.  Literacy is taught specifically within each classroom through instructional strategies and is embedded across the whole Victorian curriculum. In the junior classrooms; building a strong foundation of practice and knowledge learnt developmentally is the focus. Students at St Aloysius have a multitude of opportunities to improve their personal knowledge and capacity to effectively communicate through writing, oral language, handwriting, reading and spelling.  As students progress through the school this translates into becoming informed students, who think strategically and are able to interact and communicate to make a difference in our world.

Literacy is the key to communicating, thinking and being an effective contributing member of society. St Aloysius staff are dedicated to provide engaging learning experiences to develop literacy that supports all students to have success and meet their individual learning needs.

At St Aloysius we are committed to:

  • ensuring engaged learning time.

  • providing structured teaching, focused on the learning needs of students.

  • having high expectations of student’s achievement.

  • collecting, analysing and using data to develop effective learning programs.

  • setting, articulating and achieving personal learning goals.

  • enabling students to apply their literacy knowledge in different contexts and for different purposes and with a range of texts.

  • providing students with a rich variety of developmentally appropriate resources to support their learning.

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