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Leaders and Staff at St Aloysius are  committed to the evidence based, best practice approach of Science of Learning and the Science of Reading. This innovation and interest drives improvement in our staff practice and our student learning outcomes. Having Leaders and teachers who are always open to ongoing and new learning journeys will mean our classrooms and school remain relevant and engaging.

  • In Literacy,  Teachers use daily explicit teaching routines that have a systematic approach to phonological awareness, spelling, reading and writing. We also engender a love of literacy and great books through our library program, Inquiry based learning projects and community connections to the Queenscliff Literary Festival.

  • Numeracy at St Aloysius is based upon strong skill and knowledge development and mastery in the early years providing a foundation for confidence and engagement in math in the latter years. Students use problem solving skills, hands on equipment and digital technologies to engage and challenge them.

  • In 2024 we implemented AUSLAN as our LOTE. We want to be a truly inclusive school and the addition of AUSLAN to our curriculum  has given our students a genuine insight into this amazing language and deaf culture. The sign language also compliments our phonics program with different signs helping to learn direct sounds. 

  • Our Specialist program, which consists of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, STEAM and Health & PE. Our Specialist Teachers are experts in their fields and combine our spectacular geographical location with their disciplines and other community organisations such as Marine Discovery Center, Bellarine Catchment Network, Salt Gallery, Queenscliff Historic and Maritime Museum and our local Cricket and Bowls Clubs to engage and teach students in the creative and critical areas of the world.

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